As the global economy slows down, Dentsu house and the advertising agency behind the break label have launched a dynamic advertisement to promote the beauty and salvation quality of beach boys or dosto य़ evski's works. Explain. Sap: beauty only belongs to those who are looking for it. It's everywhere around us. It opens our arms. She gave too much and asked too little.In order to answer your question accurately, beauty surrounds me. I'm very lucky to have four men: independent record company, the boss of Sony records company, advertising company of Dansu. My father is proud of his daughters. This is where I found beauty. This is my diary of a day in the cell. I just got on the phone with designer Pierre gonalons, who just sent me plans for our future vinyl store in cur, rue du vertbois. We have changedAbout construction sites, materials, l, I want to give this place, but also about the world around us, and our responsibility as disseminators of cultural models, to make it better. Then J and our record company manager discussed Sony's new signature PAB the kid on FaceTime?. PAB is prolific. In this closed era, it requires us to release two songs a week commercially, record at least, and deliver songs without mixing or masteringRudeness is a cure for boredom and loneliness, and then I signed a license to run for an hour between marlette Stevens street and the Boulogne forest. I am fortunate to live in the unique architectural manifesto conceived in the 1930s by Robert mallet Stevens, founder and architect of UAM. The book by my bed is a biography of Pierre Charlotte. He was the owner of our hotel, and I realized that weLet's take a look at real art. Back home, J and my co-founder friends at Dentsu house held a Microsoft team meeting to discuss the limitations of artist photographer Elina kechicheva. Under the artistic guidance of Anissa touati, Anissa touati entrusted the live creation to Alice auboiron and the sound design to magic power. How can we survive in this closed age? We are considering working with a large national media company for virtual access. I can finally dig out someI heard Canadian superstar hoxley Walkman's record from my cellar and C with great kindness, and I had the honor to work with him. This is its disk, which can stream on all platforms. Jacques wrote in the preface of my book that beauty is only a promise of happiness: beauty lies in the heart of the person who looks at it, but who is looking at it? Plato answers with words, Einstein answers with numbers, BaudelaireIn? rhyme, Picasso in the brush, Piaf in the song. You, the beach boy, the beauty will not save the world unless you think what can save us? ourselves! In these days of turmoil, doubt and fear, we are left to turn to the people we love, and then to the beauty that can contribute to it; the beauty of salvation, the beauty that liberates us from our repressive desires and constant demands for domination, is destroyed without looking backOh, over consumption, but we can't see anything in our windows, discos or libraries. Beauty is not only the glue of society, it is the cornerstone of a complete and harmonious life. Finally, in order to make it work, all our actions must be meaningful and meaningful. thickness Does your behavior in the community really contribute to the beauty of the world? We are working hard every day and demanding. I want to answer this question with another question:What if we set up a new way of thinking, a new form of organization in our company and put people, creativity, beauty and kindness at the center of all our concerns? And then integrate meaning and substance into what we do? We are consumers. In fact, all our actions are determined by this principle of life. It's important to know that new agreements have to be made with consumersUr. They have the most important responsibility for our society: they can decide to push the world forward, because they have direct contact with the public, have immeasurable power, and most importantly, they can make our buying meaningful. Through its production and expression, through its corporate culture, to create beauty and good is close to what Hegel explained is better than anyone else: beauty attracts us because it has meaning.It symbolizes meaning. We use our eyes and ears to touch the content of Hegel's works, their value content and implied world outlook. That's why brands, like the great royal families or wealthy businessmen of the Italian Renaissance, need beauty: to affirm their power, but most importantly, to keep meaning alive, to develop this intimate relationship with our society, and to show their sensitivityTheir relationship with the world, their sense of social responsibility, Culture. Does it mean that you are ready to get rid of any transcendental desire for holiness? In this turbulent era, I believe our times are more spiritual than Manichaeism. Beauty reminds us that deep in our hearts, there is a small flame burning with the desire to live together, love and share. It will save us from individualism and teach us how to manage and representGive control to a society that is no longer imprisoned like us. In fact, unfortunately, our times are affected not only by social and economic collapse, but also by diminished hope and a lack of confidence in human relationships, which is why there are more and more signs of reappointment, aggression and aggression, Dessipol. What can restore enthusiasm and confidence?Who can encourage human beings to find their way again, look up at the horizon and dream of a career worth living besides beauty? In fact, Plato has clearly seen that one of the basic functions of real beauty is to give people a beneficial "shock", pull him out of himself, pull him out of practice, compromise with daily life, and make him suffer, just like a wounded dart, But that's how it was, the day before, turned it onOnce again, with the eyes of the heart, push it towards the world Top. You have to use this time to enhance the value of living together. What's your solution to l? Dostoevsky's expression is undoubtedly bold and contradictory, but it does require us to reflect: without science, human beings can survive, without bread, but only without beauty can they survive, because there is nothing else to do in the world. All sHere comes ecklet. Here comes the whole story. The painter George Blake told him: art is to make trouble, and science is to comfort. Beauty has sounded the alarm, but to be exact, it reminds people of their ultimate destiny, makes them cheer up, full of hope again, and gives them courage to live to the end. This is the only gift of existence and the gift of living together. True beauty opens the heart of human beings to nostalgia and longing for understanding,To love, to another, to surpass one's own. If we let beauty touch us deeply, hurt us, and open our eyes, then we restore the joy of vision and the ability to grasp the profound meaning of our existence. For our record company, I decided to give more credit, not marketing. For branch stores, we will display young talents and independent brands, organize meetings and organize salesFinally, among my brand consultants, I believe that no big company can get rid of a renewed sense, a sense on the ground, a part of our mission to achieve moral balance in our consumption model. We will actively serve our customers. https://johndavis6216.livejournal.com/373.html https://spotoclub.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/13764404/latest-microsoft-power-platform-pl https://spotoclub7.tumblr.com/post/644903890899337216/a-history-of-penetration-test https://sites.google.com/view/spotoclub9/home https://write.as/spotoclub9/a-solution-to-the-problem-of-program-jam-when-the-cpu-keeps-high

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